Locka Old Hall Cottage: Rates and availability

Bookings are normally taken for periods of a week, starting and finishing on Saturday.

Short breaks are available and run from Saturday to Tuesday or from Tuesday to Saturday.

However, we are happy to be flexible over when you visit; please do get in touch and ask ...

Some recent guests wrote this in our visitor book:
"Perfect cottage and location for a peaceful break. We're leaving well rested, read, walked and fed."

General update
Please note that we will give a full refund (both deposit and final payment) if you are unable to stay at Locka Old Hall Cottage for any Coronavirus-related reason.

Update from 11th September 2020:
We have had a very good summer season at Locka. Many thanks for all those who have stayed here.

Update from January 2021:
National lock down. This means that Locka Old Hall Cottage has to close, until further notice. You can still book a stay though ...

Prices for 2021 have been held at 2020 levels, making Locka Old Hall Cottage even better value!
Many thanks

Tim and Gill Jackson

Indicates available for booking

Indicates booked


January Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat   February Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat
Tuesday 5th  

booked by returning guests

170   Monday 8th     170
Saturday 9th

booked by returning guests

  Saturday 13th

booked by returning guests

Saturday 16th 285 170 170   Saturday 20th 285 170 170
Saturday 23rd 285 170 170   Saturday 27th 285 170 170
Saturday 30th                
March Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat   April Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat
Saturday 6th 285 170 170   Monday 5th 250   200
Saturday 13th 285 170 170   Saturday 10th 330 200 200
Saturday 20th 285 170 170   Saturday 17th      
Saturday 27th to Wednesday 31st 285 170     Saturday 24th 330 200 200
May Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat   June Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat
Tuesday 4th  

booked by returning guests

200   Saturday 5th 380 230 230
Saturday 8th

booked by returning guests

  Saturday 12th 380 230 230
Saturday 15th

booked by returning guests

  Saturday 19th 380 230 230
Saturday 22nd

booked by returning guests

  Saturday 26th 380 230 230
Saturday 29th 330 200 200          
July Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat   August Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat
Saturday 3rd 380 230 230   Saturday 7th      
Saturday 10th 380 230 230   Saturday 14th      
Saturday 17th 380 230 230   Saturday 21st      
Saturday 24th to Tuesday 27th   230     Tuesday 31st     230
Saturday 31st                
September Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat   October Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat
Saturday 4th         Saturday 2nd 330 200 200
Saturday 11th         Saturday 9th 330 200 200
Saturday 18th         Saturday 16th 330 200 200
Saturday 25th 350 215 215   Saturday 23rd

booked by returning guests

          Saturday 30th 330 200 200
November Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat   December Week Sat-Tues Tues-Sat
Saturday 6th         Saturday 4th 285 170 170
Saturday 13th         Saturday 11th 285 170 170
Saturday 20th         w/b Saturday 18th

70 a night, flexible

Saturday 27th         Saturday 25th to Tuesday 28th only

70 a night, flexible

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